Time-honored skills and traditions paired with the latest of technological advances serve as the platform for production of what is fast becoming an iconic cheese - WHITE GOLD Parmigiano Reggiano from La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy.

world cheese award


From the hills of Traversetelo, Parma, where the cows are nourished on local grasses, naturally driedhay and flax seed.

The milk arrives at “La Traversetolese” Creamery. The master cheesemakers unleash their years of specialized experience and tradition to produce this exquisite cheese.

The wheels spend 24 months maturing in cellars. It is at this critical juncture that WHITE GOLD Parmigiano Reggiano reaches its optimal level of maturation bursting with flavor and aroma that distinguish this superb cheese.

WHITE GOLD Lovingly Crafted in the La Traversetolese Artisan Dairy.