Roccolino Naturale

Rock-o-lean-o Natural-eh


Smaller brother of the Roccolo Naturale. Father of the Roccolino Family.

Milk Cow

Texture firm and granular

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 7 days

Rinds Edible

Cheese Type Semi-soft

Great Italian Tradition

The cylindrical shape and brown sides of Roccolino were inspired by a typical ancient building of the Taleggio Valley, the 'roccoli'. Roccolino is unique because it has a split personality: white and crumbly in the middle, with a slightly acidic and milky edge; creamy and amber coloured just under the rind with a buttery and aromatic flavour.

In stores


SKU: Wheel

Net Weight: 1.1 lbs

Pack Size: 4

Shelf Life: 60 days

Pairing Tips


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