Roccolino Divino

Rock-o-lean-o Dee-vee-no


Part of the Roccolino Family. Smaller version of the Roccolo Divino.

Milk Cow

Texture Dense and smooth

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 7 days

Rinds Edible

Cheese Type Semi-soft

Great Italian Tradition

A rich and intense, full-bodied wine with a good character, meets the buttery sweetness of Lombardy milk. The full and firm bunches of these grapes cover the small matured cheeses for over a month enveloping them so the aroma of the skins penetrates deep into the white heart of the cheeses. So when we cut into them we may discover a soft but compact consistency, the flavour of the wine sweetened by the butteryness of milk.

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SKU: Wheel

Net Weight: 1.1 lbs

Pack Size: 4

Shelf Life: 60 days

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