Roccolino Del Mediterraneo

Rock-o-lean-o Del Med-it-erran-ayo


Part of the Roccolino Family. A wander from the Lombardy pastures in the Paduan plains to the coasts of the Mediterranean. This is what happens when you taste this cheese. 

Milk Cow

Texture Dense and smooth

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 7 days

Rinds Edible

Cheese Type Semi-soft

Great Italian Tradition

This white cheese with its dense and compact yet crumbly texture will plunge you into the piquant flavours and wealth of aromas of the mediterranean coastline without overpowering the soft and delicate taste of the milk from our pastures. The meeting of these two worlds, brought together by the olive oil with which each little individual cheese is treated and the dried rosemary leaves into which it is dipped, is like a journey full of pleasant surprises. To be enjoyed paired with aromatic, fruity and fresh white wines and cold dishes or salads accompanied by wholesome bread and plain breadsticks.

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SKU: Wheel

Net Weight: 1.1 lbs

Pack Size: 4

Shelf Life: 60 days

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