Provolone Piccante

Pro-vo-lo-ne Peak-can-the


A traditional semi-hard cow’s milk cheese aged 6-12 months with a pleasant, sharp, spicy flavor.

Milk Cow

Texture Compact texture

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 30 days

Rinds Edible

Cheese Type Semi-hard

Great Italian Tradition

Provolone Piccante is a rich and slightly pungent cheese aged 6-12 months with a sharp, spicy flavor that leaves tingles on the tongue. Like mozzarella, provolone belongs to the pasta filata family of cheeses. It is produced by stretching fresh cheese curds into a taffy-like consistency and then molding the curd into the existing form. Paired with olives and red wine, Provolone is a favorite antipasto cheese.

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Net Weight: 7 oz

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Shelf Life: 270 days

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