Pecorino Romano

Peh-co-reno Romano


The famous grating, sheep’s milk cheese. Somewhat salty with lots of flavor; perfect for pasta or soups.

Milk Sheep

Texture Grainy texture

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 60 days

Rinds Not Edible

Cheese Type Hard

Great Italian Tradition

This cheese has a rich history and is deep rooted in Southern Italy's traditions and recipes. It dates back to the Roman Empire times, when this cheese was aged in caves outside of Rome and used to feed Roman Senators and citizens alike during times of pleasure and times of famine. It is highly salted because it was the official ration of the famed and intimidating Roman Army, and thus needed to be preserved over the long campaigns of world conquest.

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SKU: Wheel

Net Weight: 55 lbs

Pack Size: 1


SKU: 1/4

Net Weight: 13.75 lbs

Pack Size: 4

Shelf Life: 270 days


SKU: Wedge - Millennial

Net Weight: 7 oz

Pack Size: 12

Shelf Life: 270 days


SKU: Grated - Millennial

Net Weight: 6 oz

Pack Size: 12

Shelf Life: 120 days


SKU: Shredded - Millennial

Net Weight: 6 oz

Pack Size: 12

Shelf Life: 120 days


SKU: Wedge

Net Weight: 7 oz

Pack Size: 10

Shelf Life: 270 days

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