Fontina Val d'Aosta

Fon-tee-nah Val D'Aosta


A special semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a complex flavor that includes fruity, nutty, and slightly grassy notes with hints of mushroom & honey. The perfect melting cheese.

Milk Cow

Texture Compact texture with holes

Cheese Care Wrap and refrigerate for up to 20 days

Rinds Not Edible

Cheese Type Hard

Great Italian Tradition

Fontina Val D’Aosta DOP is the original & authentic “Fontina” ! This phenomenal raw cow’s milk cheese has been produced since the 12th Century in the Val D’Aosta Region, which borders France & Switzerland. The cows that produce the milk for Fontina Val d'Aosta graze on Alpine pasture of wildflowers and native herbs, which contribute to its unique taste. Fontina gets more interesting & complex with age! This cheese pairs well with a burly red wine…try a Barolo from Piemonte ! It is excellent for eating or cooking & is the quintessential cheese used for Fondue/Fonduta. Grab a hearty, rustic piece of bread & begin dipping!

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Net Weight: 16 lbs

Pack Size: 1


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Net Weight: 6 oz

Pack Size: 6

Shelf Life: 180 days

Pairing Tips

Belgian Ales

Nutty Brown Ales



Trappist Beer


Pinot Noir