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Discover the world of Italian cheeses from Ambrosi produced
by craftsmen in the classic tradition.


  • Cow milk
  • Goat milk
  • Sheep milk
  • Water buffalo milk
GRANA PADANO GRANA PADANO Hard cheese, made from cow’s milk, aged for 9-24 months. PARMIGIANO REGGIANO PARMIGIANO REGGIANO The king of cheeses. Hard cheese, aged 12-30 months. GORGONZOLA DOLCE GORGONZOLA DOLCE Italy’s best known blue-veined cheese. GORGONZOLA PICCANTE GORGONZOLA PICCANTE This Gorgonzola is clearly the strongest of the two varieties. MOUNTAIN GORGONZOLA MOUNTAIN GORGONZOLA Cow’s milk cheese from the mountains of Italy. BUFFALO MOZZARELLA BUFFALO MOZZARELLA Made with 100% Water Buffalo milk. BUFFALO MILK MOZZARELLA WITH TRUFFLE BUFFALO MILK MOZZARELLA WITH TRUFFLE Buffalo milk mozzarella with black truffles MOZZARELLA MOZZARELLA Mozzarella is a pasta filata (stretched curd cheese). TALEGGIO TALEGGIO A semi-soft, washed-rind cow’s milk cheese. RAW MILK TALEGGIO RAW MILK TALEGGIO Taleggio made with raw milk STRACCHINO DI VEDESETA STRACCHINO DI VEDESETA Washed rind cheese made from freshly milked milk ASIAGO CHEESE ASIAGO CHEESE It has a light straw color with a mild, delicate, milky flavor! ASIAGO D'ALLEVO ASIAGO D'ALLEVO Also known as Asiago D'Allevo & Asiago Mezzano. FONTINA CHEESE FONTINA CHEESE Raw cow’s milk produced since the 12th Century. RICOTTA RICOTTA Ricotta is an Italian fresh cheese. PECORINO ROMANO PECORINO ROMANO Pecorino Romano is a sheep's milk D.O.P. cheese. PECORINO PEPATO PECORINO PEPATO Semi-hard sheep milk cheese with peppercorns. PROVOLONE DOLCE PROVOLONE DOLCE Provolone Dolce has a sweet and delicate taste. PROVOLONE PICCANTE PROVOLONE PICCANTE Is a rich and slightly pungent cheeseaged 6-12 months. SCAMORZA SCAMORZA Scamorza is a pasta filata (stretched curd) cheese. RICOTTA SALATA RICOTTA SALATA Cheese made from the whey of Sheep’s milk. BURRATA BURRATA A fresh, decadent, creamy and luscious Italian cheese. GARDA STAGIONATO GARDA STAGIONATO Garda is produced from milk of the Bruna Alpina breed of cows. BRENTA STAGIONATO BRENTA STAGIONATO Is a semi-hard or hard cheese with yellow paste. MONTASIO MONTASIO Montasio DOP has a mild flavor with a creamy consistency. BLU DI CAPRA BLU DI CAPRA “Goat Gorgonzola” using raw goat’s milk aged 60-90 days. STRACHITUNT STRACHITUNT Strachitunt is produced with full cream raw cow's milk. ROSSO IMPERIALE ROSSO IMPERIALE Small blue-veined cow’s milk cheese with a piquant flavor. NABABBO NABABBO Nababbo, is a washed-rind semi-softgoat cheese. ROBIOLA ROBIOLA Robiola is produced in the North of Italy. CACIOTTA CACIOTTA Ambrosi Caciotta Nostrana is an Italian Brie Style Cheese. MASCARPONE MASCARPONE Mascarpone is the traditional Italian cream cheese. BRANZI BRANZI Raw milk cheese produced from Bruna Alpina cow’s. ROCCOLO NATURALE ROCCOLO NATURALE Roccolo is a unique cheese brined in saltwater. ROCCOLO DIVINO ROCCOLO DIVINO Roccolo divino is aged with Rabboso wine. BURRO BURRO Ambrosi butter has a fragrant, delicate, sweet flavor. BELZEBLU' BELZEBLU' Like Classic Dolce Gorgonzola with chili pepper. TARTÙ TARTÙ Soft cheese, with flakes of high-quality black truffle. SAMPIETRINO DEL MEDITERRANEO SAMPIETRINO DEL MEDITERRANEO A cow milk cheese seasoned with rosemary and olive oil
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